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Egypt: The Red Sea & Gulf of Suez

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Typical view of the Egyptian coastline through the Red Sea haze. Typical view of the stern of Heartsong III after its daily coating of sand. The Sinai, from the Gulf of Suez.
QseirVill.jpg (43015 bytes) AbuTigGuys.jpg (87247 bytes) AbuTig1.jpg (68541 bytes)
Coast near El Qseir. At Abu Tig Marina near Hurghada, we enjoyed the company of Egyptians on boats near ours -- particularly Mohammed and Amr.

Sightseeing Ancient Egypt

Nile4.jpg (61182 bytes) AlabasterLizaWorkman.jpg (78793 bytes) Nile9.jpg (51872 bytes)
On our Nile cruise, we got to meet one of the original workmen in the discovery of King Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.
AswanTempleAlan.jpg (77087 bytes) LuxHesham2.jpg (71745 bytes) TempleLiza.jpg (74931 bytes)
Our excellent Egyptologist, Hesham, made sure we saw the highlights of every location.
ValWall.jpg (86529 bytes) RamsesRestaurant.jpg (79923 bytes) MemphisStatueAlanRandy.jpg (62985 bytes)
One of the many colorful murals on a tomb wall in the Valley of the Kings, near Luxor. You can get anything you want at . . .  Huge statue of Ramses the Great at Memphis.
Costume4Close.jpg (70444 bytes)
After shopping in many suqs, we dress up in our purchases for a celebration of Egyptian civilization with good friends Janet and James of Nighthawk.
GizaAlanPyr1.jpg (138993 bytes) GizaSphinx1.jpg (56534 bytes) GizaPyrKRA.jpg (69177 bytes)

The Suez Canal

SCanalShip1.jpg (58063 bytes) SCanalAlanAgentTalk.jpg (63707 bytes) SuezYCMil1.jpg (59906 bytes)
After tortuous negotiations with our agent in Port Suez, and after waiting for several military convoys to pass through, we finally embark on Day One of the Suez Canal transit.
IsmailBakery1.jpg (77286 bytes) IsmailBakery2.jpg (70981 bytes) IsmailMktGuys1.jpg (74969 bytes)
Halfway through the Canal we stopped (as yachts must) in Ismailia, where we joined local residents to shop at the local bakery and market.  
IsmailYC3.jpg (80597 bytes) SCanalTwo1.jpg (57951 bytes) SCanalPilotAlan.jpg (79162 bytes)
At the Ismailia Yacht Club, yachts eagerly await the start of Day Two of the Canal transit, which for us brought calm weather and a good pilot.  The Suez Canal looks exactly like that scene in Laurence of Arabia where he comes upon it after crossing the Sinai Desert.


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