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May 2003





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MarTownQuay2.jpg (65384 bytes) MarTownQuayAnch3.jpg (98373 bytes)
MarCarpetCoopLoomAlan.jpg (102958 bytes) MarView1.jpg (102821 bytes) MarMarinaBoat.jpg (99523 bytes)
The town of Marmaris, nestled in a spectacular setting, hosts a nearby thriving wooden boat industry, a government-run carpet co-op, endless restaurants and tourist facilities, and the most popular and crowded marina in the country.


Skopea Limani

GoTersaneBoatSunset2.jpg (75991 bytes) GoAnch1.jpg (96150 bytes) GoTersaneRuinsReflect2.jpg (82732 bytes)
Skopea Limani, near Gocek on the Turquoise Coast, is justly famous for its lush natural beauty and its Byzantine and Lycian ruins.


Kapadokya (Capadoccia)

KapRoseCanyonView1.jpg (111175 bytes) KapAlanLizaRuffleSW.jpg (58440 bytes) KapDoors1.jpg (122702 bytes)
KapFairyChimsSW.jpg (96464 bytes) GoAlanHike1SW.jpg (96886 bytes) KapLadySonSW.jpg (105236 bytes)
KapPotMaster1SW.jpg (116298 bytes) Kap22.jpg (91591 bytes) KapFairies3.jpg (124331 bytes)
KapView15.jpg (231599 bytes) KapAlan2Story1.jpg (96814 bytes) KapHotelRm17SW2.jpg (103207 bytes)
Photographs of Kapadokya just don't do justice to the unique landscape of volcano-created towers and caves -- but that didn't stop us from filling up our memory sticks daily while hiking and exploring.  The photo bottom right is of the sitting area of our friends Jeff & Gail's incredibly romantic room at our cave hotel (we opted for the room with a jacuzzi).  From top left across, photos number 2,5, 6, and 12 were taken by Sea Witch.



IstBospMosque1.jpg (95255 bytes) IstBlueMosqueLizaAlanBench.jpg (89377 bytes) IstAyaSofyaMosaicChrist1.jpg (122219 bytes)
The highlights of Istanbul for us were the Blue Mosque, the mosaics in Aya Sofya, and a leisurely cruise on the Bosphorus, which is lined with palaces and mosques.
IstCat2.jpg (127678 bytes) IstBlueMosqueLizaGail.jpg (81455 bytes) IstBurgerKing.jpg (179769 bytes)
Alley storefront, complete with alley cat. Liza and Gail don their Red Sea outfits to visit the Blue Mosque. After a bad bout of Turkey Tummy in Ankara, we played it safe for a while in Istanbul.

Southwest Turkey

CenView5.jpg (85139 bytes) KutMastrixLady.jpg (66921 bytes) CenView8.jpg (88455 bytes)
The interior of Turkey is a scenic contrast of new and old.
MartiRunis1.jpg (94944 bytes) MartiBoatHard3.jpg (78317 bytes) OrhErolBack1.jpg (96525 bytes)
While on the hard for annual maintenance at Marti Marina (perhaps the only marina in the world built around early medieval ruins), we stayed at the Erol Motel, family-run farm pension where our spic-and-span room ran US$24/nt, including breakfast and a home-cooked dinner, plus nightly satellite TV (in Turkish) on the back deck with the rest of the village.


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